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I came for my treatment seeking help with insomnia and low energy, and found it to be extremely helpful and therapeutic. I hardly felt the needles go in and there was no discomfort as I found myself becoming deeply relaxed. Augusta is extremely professional and has a gift for acupuncture – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
– John Robinson

Augusta treated me for stress and general overall well being some time ago. I really enjoyed attending her sessions, she had a gentle compassionate approach which put me at my ease, helped me to relax immediately and was half of the healing process. The treatment helped me to unwind, process several emotional issues that I was dealing with, helped me feel more grounded and returned me to vitality. I would definitely return to her in the future with any health concerns and am delighted to have had the opportunity to experience acupuncture with her.
– Naoise Pye

I attended Augusta as a therapist while recovering from an acute illness for over six months. Her skills in acupuncture makes her an excellent therapist, she is highly skilled compassionate and knowledgeable. Augusta has a lovely caring nature and together with the acupuncture treatments her help and advice has helped me so much. I highly recommend her as a therapist.
– Angela Brandt

I decided to choose Seth Sevana for my treatment because it was recommended to me by one of my most trusted friends. I would have no hesitation recommending the facility to my family and friends. I suffer from autoimmune disease and Augusta’s treatment helps me relax and calms down inflammation in my digestive system. Regular treatment is crucial in my case. Being on medication for a prolonged time can cause a lot of damage to one’s body. That is why I chose Acupuncture as a complimentary therapy alternative and I’m very happy with the results
– Bernadeta O’Toole

I was treated with utmost personal care. Augusta is highly professional and skilled. The home clinic in Hansfield has a very relaxing environment.
– Angela Tunney

I have consulted Augusta several times. She is very welcoming and soft spoken person .She always listens to all your concerns and takes time to explain it in detail.She always tries to look at the root cause of the problem rather than a quick fix. Because of her motivation I started living a healthy life style which is helping me resolve my issues. She is very good at following up as well to make sure you are doing ok after the treatment. One of the best qualities that I like about Augusta is she really takes time to listen to you patiently no matter how long it takes to understand your problem.
- vasantha yeruva

Augusta is a dedicated holistic therapist she treats myself and wife with pain and general overall well being. She has amazing gentle compassionate approach which we love. We know that we are in the hands of a true healing expert, If you are seeking pain relief and transformative healing experience, we highly recommend Augusta.
- Val Burke

Augusta is amazing at what she does in a few weeks i was feeling better than i had been in years. Her presence is so calming and i look forward to each visit. I cannot recommend her enough
- Nicola Cudden

I have no hesitation in recommending Augusta to anyone looking for a skilled therapist. She gives excellent advice and an expert in her field. I benefited greatly by attending her sessions. She works with you to address your health concerns. Do meet her to live a healthy lifestyle.
- Neelam Dongre

I have been fortunate to meet Augusta from Seth Sevana. She helped me identify my hormonal imbalances and food intolerance through her therapy and treatments using Reflexology, Biokiniseology, and Acupuncture. Augusta is very dedicated in her approach to identifying the problems with your mind and body. She first listens to you, then pinpoints the root cause and suggests herbal medicines, treatments, and food one should consume or avoid. She answers all your questions patiently and calmly. One of the best practitioners I have ever met and I highly recommend her services to anyone, who is looking for a healthier lifestyle.
- Renu Agrawal Dongre

Augusta is the most knowledgeable, sincere, empathetic and caring person you could ever meet. Her passion for kinesiology, homeopathy and acupuncture just envelopes you into a healing space from the second she starts asking questions and assessing. I was experiencing night sweats, fatigue, facial breakouts and other symptoms for months with no avail from medications. Augusta found imbalances within my endocrine, hormonal and energetic systems. She advised me on certain supplements, nutrition, lifestyle and performed acupuncture and some reflexology too. I am now free of all symptoms after a number of sessions. I continue to attend for an acupuncture/reflexology session every now and again as a recharge when I feel the system needs a detox. It’s great. Thanks so much Augusta.x
- Lorraine Murray

Amazing…… Agusta is absolutely the best. Always feel like a new person after having acupuncture and reflexology with her. Serious pains in my lower back and shoulders and after a session with Agusta I feel great 😌
- Anna Quinlan

Just 2 sessions in with Augusta and have only started my supplements, so can't say how it's effecting me yet but looking forward to my next few sessions.
- Karen Graham

August is very in tune and talented, her approach is very thorough and gentle and would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their wellbeing!
- Kate Verling

Nadia does a great job and you will be relieved from pain and feeling relaxed
- Anne Raj

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